About us

The one-person venture was founded by Pál Erdős in 2002. At the beginning he only made standard corners for plastic space bars. Due to the continuous progress we are fully automated now and we make our own-planned products in our workshop.

"We plan and produce all kinds of plastic products. Due to the continuous development of our technology and products we have successfully managed to enlarge our presence on the market of Hungary and so far we also export our products to different countries of the Europian Union.

The aim of my company is to serve my present and would-be business partners as quickly and precisely as possible. A have done my best so far and so I will in the future to give my partners products of very high quality. In doing so I introduced the ISO 9001/2009 quality system and the ISO 14001:2005 envorinmental management system. We have a lot of different products in our warehouse and thus we are able to fulfil the needs of our partners within 5 weekdays."

Erdős Pál, owner

My main activities

  • Production of plastic parts
  • Parts for insulating glass productions
    • Corner keys
    • Connectors
    • Drilley corner keys
    • Gas filled sleeve with plug
    • Georgian bar stoppers
    • Twin duplex edge keys
  • Parts for production of different systems of plastic doors and windows
    • Plastic joint pinch
    • Üvegágybetétek
    • Vízréstakarók
    • Osztó hasábok
    • Osztó bekötők
    • Rejtett középzárók

My aims

  • Productions of high quality products
  • Short and flexible transportation time
  • Individual paying conditions
  • Unique sizes and colours
  • Reproduction of used materials
  • Satisfied partners


Our main goal is to give an overall service in the field of the production of plastic products. We would like to fulfill the needs of our customers and partners with the continuous high quality of our products.

We are trying to do our best to strengthen our competitiveness with the help of human, technical and technological resources, and the development of our inner control and information system.

By the continuous development of our services we would like to fulfill the needs of our partners with our high quality products while comply with the essential environmental-, health and security measures to satisfy our customers and enlarge their numbers. We are ready to serve our business partners, transportars and sub-undertakers in the same way.

We are sure that our business philosophy is basic and essential for our economic results, higher quality production, more precise workout and for the good mood of our employees.

Each member of our company is committed to our success and they all know and accept our quality measures and business mentality, so they work in the spirit of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 quality system.